Making The Gift Registry Fun

Making The Gift Registry Fun

You’re getting married. This is one of the most exciting times of your life. While preparing and planning for a wedding can be stressful, the couple who takes the laid back approach will have a lot more fun and so will their guests.

Lower the stress of the bridesmaids dress. The bridal gown is your top priority. All eyes will be on you and of course, you should focus on that. When it comes to the bridesmaid’s dresses, you can afford to lighten up.

Choose the color or family of colors you will use and discuss the length that will work best, and set a spending limit. Then let the bridesmaids work within those guidelines and select their own dresses.

By using the same dress shop, they will be able to take advantage of the expertise of the vendor and they will match the colors perfectly. They will be happier and it is one thing you will not have to stress over. This is a very modern idea and you will find it makes for a beautiful wedding party.

Another place you can have fun while preparing for your wedding is your wedding registry.

There are a lot of wedding registries out there that are easy to use and there are no fees that are passed on to your guests – Honeyfund being one of them. However, do not miss the opportunity to get to know about Plumfund as well – Honeyfund’s sister crowdfunding platform with zero fees – if you want to skyrocket your wedding wish list with some additional pampering. A Caribbean wedding always sounded so good, didn’t it?

Of course, you can ask for the traditional items you need on your honeymoon registry. You can also ask for funds to have a fantastic honeymoon, travel expenses, or even funds to use as a downpayment on a home. There is no limit to the dreams you can share with your guests on your Honeyfund registry. With that said, this is also a place you can have some real fun.

Here are a few examples of fun things you can list on your registry, that your guests will enjoy taking care of:

  • His and her cooking classes
    • Explain that it would be nice to have a meal that doesn’t include a pizza box
  • Housecleaning service for a year
    • Contact some services and get a quote for a weekly cleaning and list it! No, it is not traditional, but it is a great gift!
  • Disco dance lessons
    • Looking for a fun activity to keep your marriage fun? How about disco or even tango dance class?
  • Future babysitting fund
    • You may be reaching way into the future, but babysitting is a fact of life for young couples if they want to spend quality time together. Be prepared.
  • Theme park tickets for four
    • Do your married fantasies include taking your mini-me’s to Disneyland? List it. The funds can sit in the savings account until you are ready, but someday this will be a trip that memories are made of.
  • Marriage counseling
    • There is an old movie where a woman states, “I was saving this money for a divorce – if I ever get married!” While we laugh at such ideas, the truth is, building communication skills, and making a marriage takes work. Having someone in your corner keeps the process moving along if the time ever comes that they are needed.
  • Fur babies
    • Ask your guests to contribute toward the purchase and upkeep of a fur baby. Pets cost money, and so do shots, food, vet care, and grooming. If one of the things that put a smile on your face is the thought of a future fur baby, list it!

Take a breath and enjoy your wedding. This is a once in a lifetime experience, so shoot for the stars.

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