2018 Wedding Trends

2018 Wedding Trends

Here at Awesome Caribbean Weddings we’ve been leafing through the various trends for 2018 weddings, and summarized the most frequently cited ideas below, with suggestions as to how to incorporate them into a Caribbean destination wedding.


Wedding planners cite a definite shift towards elegant, grand, even opulent, ceremonies in 2018, even at venues traditionally considered more informal. Expect to see classic colour schemes, particularly a timeless combination of white and green. Candles, on the other hand, are forecast to shift away from the traditional white and ivory, towards a variety of colours, complemented by a greater use of balloons. The one thing we don’t expect will take off for Caribbean destination weddings, is the marble dancefloor that one company rents out to those that want to take the ballroom feeling with them outdoors!

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Many of the popular wedding websites speak to couples seeking out unique and alternative spaces for their weddings, further personalized to create events unlike any others. As this happens, venues are likely to offer greater flexibility to clients. There are several references to a move indoors, but at Awesome Caribbean Weddings we know that for some people, there is no substitute for the feel of the sand beneath your toes and the sun in your hair! Destination weddings, especially those in the Caribbean, are likely to incorporate local traditions and cultures.

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2018 is predicted to see a shift towards quality, source and substance over style, a trend that started last year within the restaurant industry, where customers are more interested in what they eat, and where it comes from, than what it is served upon (who really wants to eat their food from a shoe?!?). Interestingly there is also a rising trend of serving vegetarian or vegan meals to all guests, as opposed to only those with dietary requirements. Crucially, the cake is back, in a big way! And not just the cake, but an entire dessert table, with a myriad of options to tempt your guests – good news for those planning a wedding in the Caribbean, where the sweet flavours of mango, papaya, pineapple and rum abound!

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Expect to see increased botanical influences on both the décor and catering in 2018, as couples explore unexpected uses and types of florals, including living botanical bars, potted plants on either side of the isle, and a flower wall that allows guests to quite literally pick their seats! Colours are predicted to lean towards the moody and rich, with variations of purple such as wine, lilac, lavender and mauve taking centre stage.

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