Gift Ideas For Newlywed Couples In 2019

Gift Ideas For Newlywed Couples In 2019

What are the best wedding gift ideas for newlyweds?

The short answer is to forget the gift and give cash. More often than not, couples cohabitate before they get married, and they probably have most of the household items a couple would need to start a life together.

Think about the time and energy you would spend picking out an item. How much is that time worth to you? How much will you spend wrapping the item or on the card? You may be able to afford to give the couple a generous check after you take all these costs into account.

Some of you may be unsatisfied with this answer. Perhaps you feel that the close relationship you enjoy with the couple warrants a thoughtful, appropriate gift. If this is the case, you may want to think of a gift.

Perhaps you are thinking of the crystal candlesticks that are sitting in your china cabinet that you received on your special day decades ago. While this may have been a gift that you valued at the time, think about how many times you have used those candlesticks during your marriage. Young people, today value experiences more than things. Young people have bucket lists and want to take photos of themselves participating in an event or an activity to share on their social media accounts. Read on to discover some unique ideas for wedding gifts.

Gift An Experience

Do some research in the area where the couple lives to see what new attraction is popular. Purchase concert tickets (or a gift card for a local venue), tickets to amusement parks, ax-throwing places, or a special exhibit at a museum that you think they would be interested in attending. Consider getting a gift card to a local spa where the couple can relax with a couple’s message. Give a gift card to Priceline or VBRO so the couple can enjoy a weekend getaway. If you live in a different city than the couple, plan a weekend for them so they can enjoy the sights of your city. Allow them to stay in your guest room and pay for a couple of meals and activities in your area.

Gift A Class

Search online for some classes that are offered in the young couple’s area. Look into culinary classes that are available through your local cooking school. Some courses may be designed for couples specifically. The classes may teach specific cooking techniques, like sushi rolling, or skills, like knife skills.

Perhaps the couple are do-it-yourselfers and have purchased a house that they plan to renovate. You may purchase a class for the couple that would teach them how to do their own tiling. Maybe they would enjoy a lesson on how to paint cabinets.

Perhaps you would like to encourage the young couple to begin their lives together by making fiscally prudent decisions. You may want to purchase a class similar to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

Date Nights

Many couples return from their honeymoon more in love than ever before but broke. The wedding, reception, and honeymoon trip may have wiped out all their savings, and they may need to start from scratch financially. At this time, the young couple would probably appreciate a gift card to a restaurant or movie theatre.

Non-Traditional Registries

While some couples register for a new toaster or bedding, others may choose non-traditional registry options. Honeyfund allows couples to ask their guests to help fund their honeymoon trip. Feather the Nests invites guests to help with the down payment for a home or a home renovation projects. Some couples may choose to ask guests to donate to a cause of their choice instead of a gift.

Tips For Purchasing A Traditional Gift

Although it may seem unsatisfying or boring, stick with the couple’s registry when purchasing a traditional gift. Not only did the bride and groom physically pick those items to be bought, but they also have the benefit of knowing where the item came from in case they changed their mind or received a duplicate item. Always include a gift receipt.

Another gift that may seem rather ordinary that would most surely be appreciated is a gift card to Amazon. Because… it’s Amazon. Where else do you buy your stuff?

The secret to good gift giving is knowing the personality of the couple. Look through their social media accounts. Talk with their friends and family members to receive ideas.

This post was contributed by Sam Johnson on behalf of Sandals Resorts International.

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