Boat Wedding

Love the ocean? Coming to our beautiful island Saint Lucia? What better way to say “Yes, I do…” than on a luxury catamaran, your dream yacht or replica Pirate Ship while sailing the calm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea? From the sea, Saint Lucia’s coastline is simply beautiful, valleys and hills and villages will slip by while you luxuriate in the most romantic day of your life.

Celebrate your big day on one of our charming and luxurious boats, we have plenty of options if you love the sea and it is your dream to be married on the water. A sailing vessel is a unique venue for your welcome party, wedding reception or as simply the perfect way to transport your guests on your wedding day between your two chosen venues. Or perhaps for your cocktail hour – feeling so close to the setting sun on the water is a wonderful way to enjoy your champagne and canapés after your wedding ceremony.

For a couple or small group we can offer a romantic monohull sailing yacht or a smaller luxury catamaran. Also for a couple or small group how about a luxury power boat to whisk you down the coast to a beautiful secluded spot for your vows? The spacious catamarans available for your celebration on the seas can cater for up to 150 people for dinner and dancing.

Whatever your choice, the boat will anchor in a quiet bay and your marriage ceremony will begin. Your chosen music is a perfect accompaniment to the lapping of the waves against the hull. What an amazing way to make your lifelong commitment. Then you can relax with your family and friends while the crew take you on a sail full of memories and romance.

Changing into your bathing suit and jumping into the water is totally an option!

  • "We had a small wedding: just us, our two children and two other adult guests, but we never felt that our wedding day was any less special. Every detail was covered, from floral decorations on the boat, to rose petals scattered on the jetty, to the boat confetti, to the traditional coconut shell for the wedding rings. The day was just as all the email planning had promised it would be."
    Nicky & Mike, Boat Wedding
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