Historical Ruins Wedding

Best described as a living museum within a natural setting, these Historical Ruins are a vivid representation of our cultural background and monuments to the international, civil, military and marine cross currents that have characterised St. Lucia’s historical development. These are ruins of military buildings constructed during the battles between the French and the British for the island of St. Lucia and date from 1778. A unique and special ceremony location, amid a part of St. Lucia’s history while becoming a part of our history as you say your wedding vows at your St. Lucia Historical Ruins wedding.

Located between Cap Estate and Rodney Bay in the north of the island, this Historical Ruins ceremony and reception venue is perfectly situated for a wide range of accommodation options for your group; from AirBnB to condos to hotels and resorts to luxury villas. Rodney Bay is the tourist hub of the north, and offers not only beautiful golden sand beaches, scenic coastal trails, tours and attractions and naturally beautiful scenery but also a wide selection of restaurants, bars, nightlife and shopping.

Often likened to an open air unfinished church, the Historical Ruins can comfortably seat up to 120 people in the main ceremony area, leaving plenty of space in the rest of the venue for your cocktail hour and entertainment. The semi-enclosed nature of the space means that even if it is just the two of you eloping, your wedding will be intimate and beautiful. It is an open-air venue and the breeze floating through the open arches ensures that it is cool and comfortable even when the sun is shining overhead. If necessary we can easily tent the venue for additional shade. The long aisle is breathtaking, giving rise to magical memories of the groom’s first look.

  • "After looking at all of the beautiful venues, we chose to have the ceremony held at the Historical Ruins on Pigeon Island – so amazing and unlike any wedding we have ever attended!"
    Angela & Jeremy, Historical Ruins
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