Plantation House Wedding

The Pink Plantation House is located on Morne Fortune in Castries, our capital city, and is set on two acres of hillside, commanding spectacular views and constant breezes. The house has a strategic bird’s eye view of Martinique and the St. Lucia channel and by day the views northward and out across to Martinique are as arresting as the glow of lights by night. Castries bay is laid out at the foot of the hill offering a view of cruise ships and the city’s general day to day activity.

The house itself is 130 years old and has been the home to government officials, such as Colonel James, a British Chief of Police prior to Independence and Veronica Shingleton-Smith, a notable landscape designer from St. Lucia. In the past and because of the altitude and cooling breeze, it was also home to a coffee plantation.

The home is set against a backdrop of tropical vegetation and flowers, remnants of the fruit orchard and cocoa plantation which were once central to the livelihood of its original owners. Elegant royal palms stand sentry over the lush tropical gardens and the restored French colonial home in an environment which is truly breathtaking. The hundred and thirty-year old edifice is characterised by French colonial architectural conventions which have been lovingly restored by its owners. The intricate playful fretwork adorns the eaves and dormers and all of the wood which was used in the restoration comes from a dismantled home of the same era.

There are also four guest bedrooms, all designed and decorated with love. Each room has a theme and every piece of furniture has been handcrafted just for that room.

An authentic Caribbean restaurant serving fresh local produce, cooked simply from old-fashioned recipes. Organic and authentic food with a little bit of French knowhow added for zest. Their menu specialises in fillets cut from whole fresh fish from the market, local Caribbean Spiny Lobster in season and fruit and vegetables from local farmers.

Perfect for a wedding ceremony for 2 to 120 people and for a reception for 20 to 120 people.

  • "The Ruins and Pink House were incredible venues and left everyone awe struck! The pictures that I had seen previously did not even do justice to how amazing the experience of being in these locations truly was."
    Natasha & Mickey, Plantation House Wedding
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