Plantation Wedding

This beautiful, historic plantation with waterwheel venue is a St. Lucia nature heritage site, offering several stunning sites on the property for your wedding ceremony. These sites include an 18th century sugar mill, the 180 year old plantation house and expansive grounds with orchards and pastures, a lily pond and forest walking trails. A favourite ceremony venue is under the massive Banyan tree in the heart of the estate grounds.

The history of this estate begins with the first indigenous inhabitants, the Amerindians, who settled in this area almost 2,000 years ago. From the late 1700s to the early 1900s it was a sugar plantation, but has been privately owned since 1964 and gradually converted into an eco-friendly guesthouse, organic farm and retreat centre.

Situated on the South West coast of the island between the towns of Choiseuil and Laborie, this tranquil nature park is a unique part of St. Lucia’s heritage, authentic and off the beaten path. It is a magical, private and natural St. Lucian wedding venue.

Imagine unique wedding photo opportunities under ancient trees, among an array of tropical flowers, on a secluded black sand beach or in the ruins of an historic sugar mill. It is a simply enchanting and absolutely romantic venue for your wedding celebrations.

There are many small nooks and attractive settings throughout the estate, making it an ideal and beautiful venue for an intimate wedding for two. However, because of the available space overall, it is also a fantastic venue for larger weddings of up to 200 people and, with some creativity, can also be set as a reception venue utilising a marquee tent for dining under.

  • "After looking at all of the beautiful venues, we chose to have the ceremony held at the Historical Ruins on Pigeon Island – so amazing and unlike any wedding we have ever attended!"
    Angela & Jeremy, Historical Ruins
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