Resort Wedding

A destination resort wedding can involve just the two of you, a select handful of family and friends or enough guests to constitute a bona fide week-long family reunion or vacation.

Perhaps you have always imagined your wedding in St. Lucia. Maybe you spent an idyllic vacation in St. Lucia earlier in your relationship at a gorgeous resort or a laid-back hotel. Or maybe you spent the day in St. Lucia as part of a Caribbean cruise. If it is easy to imagine a picture of yourselves celebrating your wedding onto those wonderful holiday memories, a destination resort wedding may be just the ticket for you.

If you are looking for a Caribbean destination wedding that offers the charm of the island, along with the elegance and luxury of a fine hotel, a St. Lucia resort wedding may be just right for you. There are many stunning resorts and hotels in St. Lucia to choose from, and one of our favourites is The Royal St. Lucian Resort and Spa, offering the right balance of location, service, quality and value for money.

Situated on Reduit Beach, an expansive stretch of golden sand beach in the heart of Rodney Bay, the property offers not only luxurious suite accommodation but also the gently lapping, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, fantastic food and beverages and several different ceremony and reception venues to choose from. Whether you choose the backdrop of the beach, or the Beachfront Terrace on the waters edge, or the beautifully lush tropical gardens, you and your family and friends will have wedding memories to last a lifetime.

The Beachfront Terrace can take up to 50 people for a wedding ceremony, and up to 40 people seated under the covered area for dinner, followed by dancing under the stars on the open air portion of the terrace . The main L’Epicure restaurant can cater for up to 180 people for dinner and dancing.

We do also work with other resorts on island, so please view our gallery for more photos of fantastic resort weddings and receptions.

  • "We couldn’t be happier with how our wedding day turned out. Our guests raved about all the personal touches that made our wedding reflective of us and not just another pre-packaged destination wedding."
    Alecia & Jared, Resort Wedding
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