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13 Main complaints by wedding guests and how to avoid them Part 1

13 Main Wedding guest complaints at home town weddings and how they are all avoided by having a destination wedding!

There are 13 main complaints from wedding guests…. Ok just for fun close your eyes and try to name them all .

Test over …. How did you do?

Caille Blanc

Your wedding is about you and having the most amazing day of your life. If you are inviting guests to share your day one of you concerns will be to make sure they have an awesome time too after all it is lovely to hear your wedding referred to as “the best wedding ever”!

The 3 first gripes that many guests have about weddings are linked to overall general planning decisions;
1. Venues too far apart
2. Too much time between events
3. Inconvenient date

Your destination wedding planner knows all the issues that could become problematic and has had lots of experience planning weddings to avoid all these. So you are considering a Caribbean island destination wedding – your planner will send you details and photos of your wedding location options https://awesomecaribbeanweddings.com/weddings-by-location/
and also details of all the reception options that are close to each ceremony location. Working with you on your vision for your style of wedding your planner will work with you through the options.

Private Beach wedding decor in Saint Lucia by Awesome Caribbean Weddings

When you have decided on locations close by accommodation can be pin pointed that suits your preference and budgets for you and your guests.
Wedding day transportation for you and your guests will be arranged and actively coordinated on the day so no one needs to worry about getting directions hiring vehicles or taxis. It also avoids the possibility that guests will be late or get lost and not get there at all!

At your destination wedding your planner will formulate a timeline with you during the planning process. Having a planner making sure everything is happening when it is meant to and dealing with any issues before they even happen will allow you to relax and enjoy every second of your day stress free. At a lot of weddings it’s around the post wedding photos that the delays happen (or just inexperience of not knowing how much time these take and not knowing how to keep the process flowing) and guests get grumpy! We allow plenty of time for your group photos and your very important photos of the two of you without rushing but being fully aware of your guests comfort making sure they are entertained and have refreshments.

Cocktail hours post wedding Saint Lucia wedding planners

Cocktail hours post wedding Saint Lucia wedding planners

The Wedding date is much less of an issue with a destination wedding. Your island wedding can happen on any day of the week in St. Lucia so you are not just limited to a weekend. The guests you will be inviting you will let know much further in advance as it is a destination wedding by sending a ‘save the date’. The grumbles guests usually have about an ‘inconvenient date’ is when it is over a traditional holiday. You will notice that often this niggle disappears when the option of spending that festive holiday on a stunning Caribbean Island celebrating your special day with you .