Awesome Caribbean Weddings is a small company with a fantastic brief. We are a dedicated wedding planning company based in Saint Lucia, one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Set up by two friends from England who have been in Saint Lucia for over twenty years, Awesome Caribbean Weddings has an extremely broad range of imaginative suggestions that will help you plan a wedding that is exceptional and very special.

Awesome Caribbean Weddings was set up in 1999 by U.K. professionals, Kayt Cooper, a fashion designer and artist, and Michele Ince, who was using her human resources background and training to work and travel the world. They came to Saint Lucia independently in the early 1990s and became friends. The first wedding that they organized was Michele’s own. She married Duncan barefoot on an Atlantic beach with the distant breakers rolling in, and danced in the sand for their reception.

On the strength of that, their scuba diver friends asked them to arrange an underwater themed wedding for them. They organised a catamaran decorated with “seaweed” and tropical fish and a wedding arch made to resemble an underwater grotto, complete with sharks swimming by! Guests dressed to theme – there were Neptunes, a gorgeous mermaid, sub mariners and scuba divers. Kayt dyed her hair blue for the occasion while Michele had an underwater scene painted on her body. The cake was in the shape of a diving mask.

Awesome Caribbean Weddings was born from there and now has the best network of professional vendors in Saint Lucia in partnership with their team.

In 2006 Fenella Mathurin joined the team and is a wedding planner as well as the office manager. Teige LaBorde has worked with ACW for many years and has now partnered with us as our super creative designer.

  • Michele, our wedding was the absolute most fun, most special, and all around most fantastic day of our lives, and we know it is all thanks to YOU and the rest of the amazing Awesome Caribbean Weddings team...
    Rachel & Craig, February 2018


Michele Ince Owner

Michele came to Saint Lucia in 1993 from the UK via New Zealand, and promptly fell in love with both the island and her husband-to-be. Married now for over twenty years and blessed with a plethora of rescue dogs and cats Michele and Duncan simply can’t imagine living their life anywhere else. Michele started out her career in Human Resources and Staff Training in the hospitality industry and loves to be around people. She is ultra organised, detail-oriented, creative and a great communicator.

“Helping someone plan their wedding day is a real buzz; I love being surrounded by the happy smiles and joyful emotions that everyone feels at such a special time. I have one of the best jobs in the world.”

Fenella Mathurin Wedding Planner

Fenella started working with Awesome Caribbean Weddings four months and one day after her beautiful daughter was born and has had a lot of fun watching both Arianna and the company grow! Fenella’s previous experience was as a legal secretary and a catwalk model, she certainly brings a lot of grace and style to her work. She loves her role as a wedding planner and finds it extremely interesting.

“Meeting lots of different people makes my job so fulfilling. Assisting people in making their dream wedding day a reality is a very special feeling, seeing the bride’s face as she’s about to walk down the aisle is priceless. I love it, too, when couples email me after the event to tell me what a special day they had, that makes me feel like I’ve done my job well.”

Teige Laborde Wedding Designer

Teige instinctively knew from early on, that she would build a career in design. After studying business at college, she immediately immersed herself into the events industry, working as an intern, growing her talent through hands-on experience and building her portfolio. She quickly proved to possess a natural knack for design, as she tackled large event productions and creatively challenging concepts. Her passion for design and determined personality, undeniably bring a fresh and vibrant creative energy to the design industry.

“I remember the first time I met Michele, when I was working as an intern. She was attempting to create a really unique backdrop for a client and it seemed like things were just not working out. I spoke out of turn as she was about to leave in frustration, offering to help personally design for her. She took a risk on me, trusting a young, inexperienced intern, but it’s chances like these that create the best stories. I connected with her team’s personal approach, and from that day on, I vowed that design isn’t just about what it looks like, it’s about how it feels.”

Kayt Cooper Consultant/Owner

Kayt and her husband Hugh moved to Saint Lucia since 1992. Their daughter Rell was born on the island and they all love the Caribbean life. Kayt is originally from the UK and was a fashion designer before moving to Saint Lucia and completely changing her life plan! She enjoys the outdoor life; running, hiking, time on the beach and her interests include a holistic lifestyle and healing.

Kayt recently relocated back to the UK and now provides support for our UK clients.

“I get real satisfaction from communicating with couples, planning their unique wedding and especially love seeing their massive smiles on the day. Awesome Caribbean Weddings is not just a job it’s our passion.”

AWESOME CARIBBEAN WEDDINGS Meet Our Photographers & Videographer

Daniel Photographer

Daniel is a fashion, fine art and wedding photographer whose work has been described as edgy, glamorous and very editorial flavored with his artistic background. Daniel began his exploration into the world of photography to capture the most beautiful and ethereal moments of all brides who are immortalized at their most glowing. He continues to explore his imagination to create, grow and develop his editorial style of photography.

Daniel is focused and passionate about his work, but easy going and fun and is instantly able to put couples at ease with his warmth and charm.

“My work is who I am. It is an amazing feeling to capture people, nature, feelings and one’s surroundings into a single frame, which then tells a story of imagination, expression and life. It is my wish to share these visions with others through my photography and to be able to showcase my talents to a wider audience.”

Dani Photographer

Dani is a Caribbean-born photographer who savored life in four islands as well as the UK before settling in Saint Lucia. She is from a family of photographers spanning generations and owned her first camera at age 8.

“My earliest experiences were following my friends around and capturing the wild fun we had as feral kids! By age 11, I was shooting on my first film SLR – a present from my parents – and processing and printing my own work. In my early 20’s I finally broke into the world of professional photography – shooting subjects as diverse as watersports action, portraits and fashion for a variety of clients in the UK. Now based in Saint Lucia, I still maintain a diverse portfolio, working with local resorts, restaurants and of course Saint Lucia wedding photography! It brings me much joy celebrating such memorable occasions as these. I feel very privileged to share such intimate moments with strangers who trust me enough to capture the essence of that special day. This has provided me the opportunity to meet some truly beautiful souls.”

Dani’s style is unique and edgy, she sees beauty in everything around her and never fails to have her camera on hand to capture the most stunning images.

Brent Photographer

Brent started as a photographer in 2006, but considers his true journey commencing when he started working as a Saint Lucia wedding photographer at a popular resort. Since then he has strived to be better, not just in the photographs he takes but with the people he meets. Brent describes his photography as “Honest, fun and intimate. My main focus is to capture the raw emotion found in each moment. I love the romance of a wedding and the artistic result of an amazing and candid shot. I approach each event with greater attention and love. Every time, I am excited to capture the joy, the smiles, that first look, that first kiss. I put my heart into my work and I know that it shows in my photographs.”

Eden Videographer

My name is Eden Gervais, videographer by profession. Creating special works of art is not just my profession but my calling. I have had the pleasure to gain valuable experience as a wedding photographer / videographer for 13 years in the tourism and hotel industry before venturing out on my own. My profession has enabled me to interact with persons from all walks of life and share their experiences with them.

I am a friendly, innovative individual who believes in going the extra mile and exceeding my clients expectations while offering exceptional customer service. I strive for perfection in every project I undertake, whether great or small.

So, just relax and enjoy your special day, assured that your memories are being captured by my capable hands. I guarantee to make you relive your special day by viewing your memories as a love story captured on film.

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