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Click the image below, or here to view Alauna & Jorge’s ocean view wedding photo gallery (opens in new window).

Click the image above, or here to view Alauna & Jorge’s ocean view wedding photo gallery (opens in new window).

There is a reason that Michele and her group have named their company “AWESOME Caribbean Weddings”! Our ocean view wedding and reception was truly a dream come true for Jorge and I. From the moment we were engaged we knew that a destination wedding was going to be in our future. The question was when and where? After countless hours of research and debating we came across Michele’s website. Neither of us had ever been to Saint Lucia but have close friends who had. So we took a gamble and requested a quote from Michele at Awesome Caribbean Weddings. Low and behold that very same day I received a full 3 page dream description with photos of what our ocean view wedding could be! I was so impressed with the quick response and the ability to take my imagination to the sandy shores of Saint Lucia.

Michele and her team are true professionals. In all wedding organization, flexibility, creativity and patience are of the upmost importance. We cannot express enough how much Michele embodies all of these characteristics! Michele sent us timely updates of our programs selections and price. She has the patience of a saint, while I changed my mind on things a million times! Michele would always reply in the most cheerful voice “that’s okay Alauna you’re the bride and you are entitled to change your mind as much as you like! That is what I am here for”. So if you have a fear of another person planning your wedding from another country….DON’T because Michele was absolutely PERFECT! She left no stone unturned.

The Ocean View Wedding Ceremony

Jorge and I decided to have our wedding ceremony on Pigeon Island. I had always dreamed of an ocean view wedding with miles of blue water in sight. Of what we thought was going to be a small and quaint occasion for a few turned into a bash for about 74 people! The decorations were just beautiful and more then I could have ever hoped for. We decided to have the wedding canopy, wooden white chairs (nice extra touch) and a beautiful bougainvillea rope to line the aisle! The colors were perfect! And after the ceremony Michele had 2 tents (one for shade) and the other for our platters of fruits and veggies for our guests to snack on and for the champagne and Pitons! The only one thing that we would change for next time would be to have our guest hang out on the “cliff side” of Pigeon Island after the ceremony. This is where we took most of our amazing photos and it’s more comfortable (temperature, breeze and shade) on that side. All of our guests stayed at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Michele arranged for all transportation throughout our wedding day. All of our guest were picked up in front of the resort and then returned at the end of the evening! The transportation was seamless and Augustin is not only always on time but also a true pleasure and delight to work with. He has a wealth of St Lucia Island history and will keep you and all the guests entertained!

The Reception

Jorge and I had our cocktail hour at the Cotton Bay Village pool and our dinner reception at the 1461 beach restaurant. Again Michele made all the arrangements with the fantastic manager Frederic. One thing we can say for sure is how flexible and eager to please Frederic and his staff are.

So here is a little summary of our events. After photos at Pigeon Island all of our guests were transferred over to the Cotton Bay Village pool for a “pink and white” cocktail hour! Please do not fret as this was only 10 minutes away MAX! Here we had a fantastic steel drum band playing, a signature pink cocktail for each guest as they arrived, passed and plated appetizers, and a tiki bar to serve any drink your hearts desire!!! After the cocktail hour guests were ushered down a beautiful lit wooden path to the 1461 open air beach restaurant! Wow was this place the perfect location for a reception! 1461 had completed the covered deck extension from the original restaurant where the band played and the guests danced the night away. Attached to the decking was yet another fabulous tiki bar where those who preferred a cold beverage and bellying up to the bar were able to still keep an eye on the antics and “coming attractions” on at the dance floor and dining area at the same time!

The Food

The food at 1461 was to die for! Our guests still rave about the meal which Frederic was able to provide for the cocktail hour and the dinner reception. It usually began and ended with…”best food on the island and best food of all the weddings I have ever been too”. Some signature dishes to be sure not to miss are the famous tomato tart, lobster ceviche, blackened mahi mahi and of course the filet mignon!

We really wanted to have what we called a “free flowing” reception. So as soon as we made our entrance and began our dance the family style appetizer plates were served and the bar opened for all to enjoy.

Now on to the wedding cake ! Jorge and I decided on a 3 tier cake to include ginger, chocolate, and red velvet (my personal favorite)! Being that it was the first time the baker was to make a red velvet cake we decided to make it the smallest tier. Wow was this a BIG mistake, we should have done the entire thing in red velvet!!! All three flavors were fantastic but if I have to suggest any I would go for the red velvet any day! I believe that Frederic and Michele were both quite impressed to see that we ate all the cake!!! Does anyone ever eat all the cake at weddings???? Well in all my past experiences that cake usually stays on the plate. Well not in this scenario, we ate it all! It could be that we were a group of drunken, obnoxious and hungry New Yorkers (yes true)…but I am going to have to go with the full truth. The baker is amazing and she can do anything! Have faith!

The Band “Spectacle”

In all honesty this was the decision that did give us a bit of angina. I stuck my poor husband in front of the computer with his iTunes collection downloading a wedding mix “just in case” the band was a bust. Most prefer to go and hear a band live before booking but in this case we really didn’t have that option. Michele did send over some camera video recordings which the quality was okay, but really didn’t have us convinced that we had made the right decision.

While on the island for our first visit we asked around to many of the locals. The name “Spectacle” came up over and over again. After speaking with Michele she tracked them down! Michele went to watch them perform a few times before we officially booked them. She could not have been happier with their performances every time, but we were still nervous. So we went with our gut, and trusted Michele as she had not ever steered us wrong. Man, were they FANTASTIC! The lead singer has the voice of an angel and they kept our guests dancing all night! I will always remember my husband’s aunts comment “I haven’t danced this much in 25years! Man that girl has a beautiful voice”. So if you and your guests like to put on your dancing shoes and prefer no breaks, Spectacle is your band!


I am not sure where to start in regards to the AMAZING photos that Mikael took for us! We had Mikael for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception! He took nearly 1000 images for us. The only problem is that they were all so BEAUTIFUL we had such a difficult time picking through them all. So of course we did what every “realistic” couple would do and purchased the rights to all of them 🙂 Mikael is a true professional who is not intrusive at all. I honestly had forgotten that he was there taking photos at the cocktail hour and reception all together until the end when we said our “thank you” and “goodbyes”. Within a week of our wedding our photos were posted on a website for us to view, and then 2 weeks later we had a CD full of memories that will last us the rest of our life! Mikael THANK YOU for making our memories so beautiful!

We LOVED the video! We really enjoyed the fact that we could hear our vows and it enabled us a chance to relive the wedding moments again. Jorge and I were loving our marriage officer, he was so perfect for our personalities! The video messages were such a wonderful surprise as well! We laughed through the entire things. It really took us back to our wedding day. I cried and OF COURSE kept my face to the side so Jorge wouldn’t make fun of me. He enjoyed it too though really. We popped champagne and watched it together! A little bubbly never hurt anyone! We also thought that he did a fantastic job putting in the music at the appropriate times and to the right moments. Job well done TREVOR we enjoyed it tremendously!

So in all honesty, at the end of the day our ocean view wedding was a dream come true. We could not have been happier with the way things turned out! Michele and her team at Awesome Caribbean Weddings do a wonderful job and we will be forever thankful to them.