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Click the image below, or here to view Johanna & Graeme’s Pigeon Island wedding photo gallery (opens in new window).

Click the image above, or here to view Johanna & Graeme’s Pigeon Island wedding photo gallery (opens in new window).

It is hard to believe that we organised our entire Pigeon Island wedding through the power of emails, not one phone call or meeting yet it turned into a wedding that was beyond perfect! We have one very special lady to thank for this and that is Michele.

We started planning our wedding 1 year and 3 months in advance. At first we asked for so much information from Michele and she was so patient with us and gave us all the information we needed and answered all our questions so quickly! She even helped us decide what hotel to take the 40 guests from the UK over to. We were shown all the ceremony locations, reception locations, menus, flowers, cakes, decorations etc. so we could choose what was right for us. We chose the private beach on Pigeon Island then Jacques for a BBQ.

Now let’s just jump to the holiday. On our first full day we met up with Michele and got all the legal documents sorted. Then we went off to our room to get our hair and make-up trial. It was great fun and they were both very talented. Then that was it, we were to enjoy our holiday until the big day (in 5 days’ time).

It is worth mentioning here that Michele also helped us organise travel arrangement for several of our trips and even helped the men organise the stag do at Delirious, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

The morning of the wedding the hair stylist and make-up artist arrived in the brides room at 11am. The mother of the groom had her hair done first, she even decided to get a haircut and he was delighted to oblige! Then my sister, the bridesmaid got her hair done, it was just beautiful. We had 3 orchids to put in her hair and it really set it off! Then it was my turn, he was really complementary about my hair and really did create a style that was suiting to your face. We all had such a giggle in the room! Then my Mum got her hair done, it took him minutes and it was amazing. In between the hair, the make-up was progressing and I can’t believe the attention to detail. What an artist! I wish I could have my make-up done like that every day! When they left it was time to have some lunch and get dressed.

The Groom and Best Man were taken to the Ceremony in the BMW convertible alongside all our guests in the buses. There were about 40 of us in total. Ten minutes later the MOB, MOG and Bridesmaid were taken in the white bridal car and my dad and I took the white BMW. The drivers were excellent.

We didn’t visit Pigeon Island before the day and I highly recommend this, it was so impressive and great to see as a surprise. We were then presented with our flowers! My little flower girl had a flower headband – gorgeous! Our bouquets were out of this world. I cannot believe how pretty they were! My Mum is still talking about them now. All of the men in the bridal party had matching button holes and the two mothers had corsages. The rest of the guests were sipping bottles of water on the beach waiting on the ceremony as Graeme got his photos taken with his family. We supplied everyone with a fan and I think it was a really good idea, even at 4pm it was very hot – probably because we were all dressed up to the nines!

Everyone was seated then our music started playing. The Best Man came up to walk my Mum down the aisle as the stairs are a little bit steep. The flower girl’s father walked her down the aisle too. Then my friend played the bagpipes for my Dad and I. Michele did a great job in keeping this a secret from our guests.

We had the luxury draped canopy, with white wooden chairs and the draped aisle decorations. Our flowers were everywhere and petals were scattered down the aisle and under the canopy, it was breath taking!

The ceremony was like a dream, we just couldn’t stop smiling. We put in two extra readings to make it a bit longer. Michele also arranged for our wedding bands to be handed over on a star fish. Really cute idea! Once we signed the register, the steel pan band started! What a talented band! I highly recommend them. The guests all sipped their sparkling wine in the shade and partied to the music as we had out photos taken. We had arranged to have a horse taken in for the photos too – these have come out so well! The flower girl even got a shot! I didn’t brave it given that I was wearing a white dress!

We were taken away for just the right amount of time for photos. We are not people who enjoy having our photo taken, luckily Mikael’s style suited us as he just had us standing and talking and kissing every now and again. This means we now have some beautiful natural photographs. We also had a videographer at the wedding and all the guests left us messages, lovely touch! We returned to the beach and the Steel Pan Band had learnt ‘Black Eyed Peas, I gotta feeling’ for us! It was the song of our holiday. We chatted to the guests for a while then it was time to photograph us with the guests in front of the sunset.

We then all got in our cars/buses and head to Jacques. Again this was a surprise to us and as much as we planned everything in it, it all looked a million times nicer. We had yellow and white lanterns on the roof, four round tables and one top table with tall vases (with lights at the bottom), candles and twinkle lights. It was everything we wanted and more! We just wanted a plain cake with three flowers on the top, but plain is not boring, it looked lovely and was very very tasty!

We all got seated for speeches and Michele had the staff serve us our champagne (that we took with us). We opted for BBQ menu 2, we were a little apprehensive choosing a BBQ buffet for a wedding but I highly recommend it. The food was incredible! We saw a lot of people go for seconds.. and thirds. Even the puddings disappeared fast and no one had really been having any the entire holiday. Then it was PARTY time. The DJ’s done a great job with our playlist so there wasn’t a bum on a seat. The music throughout the dinner and the first dances were perfect too.

We had arranged the fire eating for 10.30pm which was a nice rest from dancing for us, or so we thought! They were absolutely amazing. What a talented, tremendous group! They took us up to have a go at dancing and doing the limbo. Then later on we got a shot of fire eating too. After that performance we upped our game on the dance floor and partied the night away. They all got the bus back to the hotel and we took the car, the guests then all head to the nightclub in our hotel to continue the evening.

We loved hearing everyone’s feedback the next day. Best wedding ever!! We love that we can say that not one thing went wrong, we were not stressed at any point, not even nervous (maybe we should move to the Caribbean) and that we would not change ANYTHING!!

I cannot praise Michele and the ACW team enough. They create amazing personalised weddings and hire only the best people along their way. I pity people that are not getting married in St Lucia now. It was just perfect. I thought she was an amazing woman through the planning stages alone, managing to provide so much information, answer so many questions and be so personal when we know she must be a very busy woman. However it was equalled, if not topped by the fantastic day she pulled together for us when we were out there!