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Click the image below, or here to view Liz & Matt’s Private Beach Wedding photo gallery (opens in new window).

Private Beach Wedding

Click the image above, or here to view Liz & Matt’s Private Beach Wedding photo gallery (opens in new window).

Featured Private Beach Wedding

Liz and Matt from England chose a private beach wedding, on a beautiful stretch of beach located inside a national park. Their theme was pink and brown, which was carried through with their ceremony area floral displays, bouquets and chair sashes. The park is tranquil and was ideal for the photos after their wedding at the lawns, ruins and rock pools.

Liz and Matt followed their private beach wedding with a reception on the beach, so after the ceremony there were cocktails inside the park before they and their guests returned to the transformed beach for their Awesome wedding reception starting with a great sunset followed by sumptuous food and a Limbo and fire eating performance – audience participation required! They then danced the night away under the stars.

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In Their Own Words

It all started when we made the decision to get married on the picturesque island of St. Lucia. In fact, that’s a fib. We chose the Caribbean but were unsure of which island. St Lucia or Tobago?

Matt spent the evening searching on the internet for independent wedding organizers and Awesome Caribbean Weddings came up. We sent off an email to ACW and the very same day we had a reply from Michele, full of ideas and suggestions for our private beach wedding.

From that moment on, the wedding was in St. Lucia! No second thoughts on that one!

Private Beach Wedding Location

We wrote a long email to Michele the next day describing the kind of wedding we pictured us having and what feeling we wanted to capture for the day; romantic private beach wedding, eating on the beach, bit of entertainment for the guests in the evening and so on.

Michele then sent us a fantastic email back showing us pictures of Pigeon Island, a small cove which would be just for us (exactly what we wanted). The email showed us photos of what the private beach wedding could look like with flowers, vases, floral arches, also pictures of the beach in the evening covered with candles and torches and tables covered with flowers and petals. Very pretty.

Private Beach Wedding Flowers

The way she wrote about it was amazing, describing in detail every small aspect of the day. All we had to do was chose what decoration we wanted! A difficult one!
With this, Michele was very patient. We changed our minds so many times with regards to decorations, one minute it was a floral arch then it was vases full of flowers!

There were 20 coming out, then it dropped to 8 then went back up to 25! Each and every time, Michele changed the numbers and figures.

As for my bouquet, Michele was a saint! I sent her a picture of my dress and a few pictures of what idea I had in mind for my bouquet. I asked her opinion about whether she thought it would work. Michele then sent back lots of ideas of what she thought would work best. My dress was very fussy, lots of beading and detail, the bouquet I had picked was fighting with it. Michele’s idea was so much better!
Then I changed my dress at the last moment! The dress was completely different!!!
So I sent Michele a picture of the new dress and asked for her help. After many emails back and forth I decided to do what most Brides might have found scary. I left my flowers and my three bridesmaid’s flowers totally in Michele’s very capable hands.

I had every faith in Michele and I knew she would do an amazing job. And what can I say. WOW!!! My bouquet was stunning, so different and yet so me. The bridesmaid’s flowers tied in well but didn’t fight with mine. Perfection!

It was also lovely to have a surprise on the day; I knew everything that was happening for the private beach wedding, so arriving at the beach and being handed my flowers by Michele, was an awesome feeling! I was totally blown away by them.

A Disaster Averted!

We did have a scary moment two days before the wedding, Michele contacted us to say that 7 members of my family, my dad and sister being two of them, could not fly out due to the flight being cancelled because of a volcano eruption under the flight path!! This made us stress slightly!

However, Michele was as calm as anything and helped us sort everything out, trying to see if we could move the private beach wedding, relaying messages between us and my family. It all worked out in the end and my family managed to get on different flights and arrived the night before, what a relief.

This just sums up Michele though; she was amazing throughout the whole two years of planning even down to meeting us at our hotel the first day of our holiday and talking through details of the day so we knew everything that was going to be happening. Even down to where Matt will stand and where we will be entering from. It was lovely to meet Michele in the relaxed environment of our hotel with a rum punch!

With bright blue skies and hot weather for the first six days of our holiday, you can imagine how we felt when I went for breakfast with my bridesmaids to see it raining! Not heavy, but rain none-the-less. Not good.

I got back to my room and Michele had been trying to get hold of me, we spoke on the phone and she suggested putting a marquee up over the tables while we ate. It wasn’t something we wanted as we had an image of eating under the stars. Michele said she would go to the beach at 1:30pm to start setting up and would assess the rain situation.

During this time we were all so busy getting treatments done at the hotel (which Michele booked for me) having our hair done and drinking bubbly, that we didn’t worry about the rain threat! We knew that our miracle worker Michele would sort something out for us and that our private beach wedding would be amazing.

Private Beach Wedding Ceremony

Matt and the guests got picked up by a mini bus at 3:50pm and my bridesmaids, my Dad and me in two cars at 4:10pm. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Matt and our guests were on the beach already chilling with ice cool water and shade from the marquee. Which I might add was a great idea by Michele, thank you for that!

People were free to walk along the beach and paddle in the warm clear sea, while they waited for us to arrive. Very relaxed. Then our time arrived. When we pulled up, the image I saw will stick with me forever. My future husband waiting near the beautiful floral vases, all our family and friends finding their seats, flower petals on the sand, and our chair covers blowing gently in the breeze. Wow. Our private beach wedding setup took my breath away!

This is when I met Mikael (Photographer) and Trevor (Videographer) while I was in the car being handed my amazing bouquet. I started to get butterflies at this point but they calmed me down with their jokes and relaxing manner.

Matt had been told by Michele where to stand and where to look so he wouldn’t see me until I was at the top of the stairs, and the guests were told when to take their seats ready for the service. I can remember every single, wonderful moment and wish I could put it all down on paper for you. It was so emotional.

Once we were all out of the cars with flowers in hand, we made our way to the steps. At this point Michele helped me with my veil and train. I opted for a long veil and I am so pleased I did, although Michele may say otherwise because she had to carry and control it while we waited! ;o) Once we were there Michele asked if we were going barefoot, and showed us where to put our flip flops!

The single steel pan player started up and one by one, my bridesmaids walked down. Then it was my turn. Michele was a star at this point, she made sure my veil didn’t get caught up on the stairs and let go of it at just the right moment for it to trail softly behind me.

Walking towards the man of my dreams was the best feeling in the world and it is a moment I will never forget. The whole backdrop of the sea, the blue sky, and the pretty little boats on the water, just made it all the more romantic. The gorgeous vases looked stunning in bright pinks, reds and pale pinks.

This was when I then met Leslie our marriage officer. What a lovely man!

We had opted to have two friends to read out some poems for us and these worked really well and brought a tear to the eye. Reading them at home is one thing, but listening to them in that setting; a totally different experience!

Private Beach Wedding Photography

The service went well and we were so caught up in our private beach wedding that we didn’t even realise that we were being filmed or photographed. They have got some great shots and have caught the magical, tender moment of our vows.

When it was over and the papers had been signed, our quests followed us back up the steps and onto the open grassy area. This was where we met everybody and got lots of hugs and kisses.

We had decided that while our photo’s were being taken, our guests would go over to the Atlantic side for Bubbly and a Steel Pan Band waited there to entertain them. This was something we are so pleased we did. The guests really enjoyed this time to catch up and chill with fantastic music and great views.

The time went so quickly while we had our photographs taken and we could still hear the Steel Band playing!

Mikael and Trevor made us feel very comfortable encouraging us to act normal, chat and relax. It was much more natural that way and they have managed to capture our private beach wedding entirely as it was on the day. Amazing!! Beautiful!!

After we had these done, we met the others by the Cliffside where we were met with a glass of bubbly and we had chance to mingle with our guests for a bit before our group shots were taken.

We then made our way back to the beach, and what a sight! Michele had worked so hard to make it look like something out of a wedding magazine. It was gorgeous. The marquee was breathtaking, the tables had been set up with candles and petals and crystals that I brought with me from the UK.

The candles were lit on the sand and the sun was setting. Oh my god, words cannot describe how tremendous it looked.

Mikael took more shots of us with the sunset as our guests stared to make their way down for dinner.

Private Beach Wedding Food & Drink

The food was delicious… What more can we say!

We were not entirely sure what it would be like as we had seen no testimonials about the beach BBQ and there were no pictures on ACW website. Every couple we looked at went to a restaurant.

But I can tell you now, we are so pleased we trusted Michele and had the BBQ. The food was amazing and I was even able to have two plates!! One for my salad and one for my meat! Piggy! ;o)

Everybody commented on how nice the food was and how friendly everybody was who was serving us. The food was amazing, the meat was so tasty and the salad…. Yummy!!! We couldn’t have asked for better.

The bar was also a great idea. We decided not to have wine on the tables but had an open bar instead. This allowed our guests to go up and get a drink that they wanted to toast with. It worked perfectly.

After the food had disappeared and we had our dessert (which was mouth-watering!) we had our speeches. These went well and my husband made everyone shed a small tear, even the tough men!

Private Beach Wedding Entertainment

After this we had our first dance and then encouraged our friends and family to join in. Then the party really got started! We had surprised our guests with fire eaters and limbo show. We wanted the party to be upbeat and we were worried that after two slow songs people might sit down with a drink and chill.

Bring on the fire eaters!

We kept this a secret and I am so pleased we did because the impact was beautiful! The guests got caught up in the fun of the night and the limbo dancers got everybody up, they even got us fire eating!!!

If you decide to have a private beach wedding the Limbo show is a must.

The Limbo dancers made a point of getting everybody involved in the show and everybody had a laugh and a joke about it. They definitely kept the mood upbeat from that moment on. Few sat down; they were all up dancing and drinking!

When we had about an hour left, Matt and I took a walk along the beach; having a paddle and chatting about the day. It gave us a great opportunity to watch everybody enjoying themselves and to take in the moment of the evening.

The end came too quickly and we were taken back to our hotel. It went so smoothly and we both couldn’t have wished for a more perfect private beach wedding. That is all down to Michele.

So once again Michele, thank you so much for everything you have done for us. You have become more than just our wedding planner and we will look forward to coming out and seeing you again soon.