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Click the image below, or here to view Mechelle & Desi’s private garden wedding photo gallery (opens in new window).

Click the image above, or here to view Mechelle & Desi’s private garden wedding photo gallery (opens in new window).

Extraordinary, Superb, and Elegant are three adjectives I can use to describe my private garden wedding that was coordinated by Kayt and her team at Awesome Caribbean Weddings (ACW).

The minute I got engaged I knew I wanted a destination wedding. My travel agent recommended the “majestic” island of St. Lucia . Based on her recommendation, I did further research about the island, wedding locations and wedding coordinators. I came across a website called “Awesome Caribbean Weddings,” and now the rest is history.

Once I read reviews about ACW and saw the pictures, I contacted them and Kayt responded, immediately. At the inception of my relationship with Kayt all I knew was that I wanted to have a private garden wedding unlike anything my guests had ever seen. I think my first words to Kayt once she responded to my email were that I wanted to feel like a princess and in the process wow my guests. Kayt did not let me down; she fulfilled my request and much more. She held my hands through-out the process, listened to me, and provided key suggestions that helped to make my day spectacular. I have to admit I was nervous allowing someone I never met to plan a wedding for me, in a country I never visited, at a location I never saw in person, and at a restaurant, I never ate at. My friends and family, especially my fiancé’ thought I was crazy but they remained supportive during the entire wedding planning stages.

One of my biggest concerns was the wedding cake. To ease my worries Kayt, fed-ex all the cake flavors I wanted to try, to New York . I was extremely relieved that I would have an opportunity to taste test the cakes before my wedding day. We decided to have a two-tier cake traditional fruit cake and chocolate cake.

A week before I arrived to St. Lucia , Kayt sent me an itinerary outlining everything I had planned for my big day. I sent all of my favors for my welcome bag and for the reception to Kayt. Kayt received my many shipments and put the bags together for me. Kayt had arranged that once my guests (36 individuals) arrived at their accommodations the welcome bag with all their goodies (a welcome letter, itinerary, towels, cookies, chips, sunscreen, safety kit, fans, and Tylenol) would be presented to them.

The day after I arrived on the island, Kayt met my fiancé and myself in the lobby of our hotel (Bay Gardens Beach Resort). She went over everything on our program very thoroughly. She even arranged for us to meet with the photographer and DJ so we could tell them face to face what we wanted. We had planned a rehearsal/welcome BBQ at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort the night before the wedding. Kayt had set up a meeting with the manager so we could go over all the details for the festivities. When Kayt was leaving she gave us her cell phone number just incase I needed to talk to her. Once this meeting was completed my mother and I had a hair and make-up trial scheduled, which was also set-up by Kayt.

The morning of the rehearsal/welcome BBQ Kayt had scheduled a rehearsal at the private garden wedding location. She had informed all the participants of what time the rehearsal would be and provided transportation to and from the rehearsal. Kayt also had the officiant who would be performing my wedding in attendance. Kayt had us go through everything down to the kiss between my father and myself when he was giving me away. Kayt is a very thorough person, she leaves no stone unturned.

My rehearsal/welcome BBQ was so beautiful. I was expecting just an ordinary BBQ with friends and family on the beach, but that is not what I got. The beach was decorated with the wedding colors (purple and buttercup). There were so many different food and drinks options my guests did not know what to eat or drink first. The DJ played the right music the entire night. Many of my guests were dancing, drinking, and eating all at the same time. When the BBQ was coming to an end my guests begged the DJ just to play a few more songs, because they did not want the night to end, and he obliged. The videographer (Trevor) captured so many different funny moments at the BBQ that still make me laugh till I cry.

On the eve of the wedding Kayt constantly checked the weather forecast to see if showers were expected on the day of the ceremony. Based on the reports there was a 50/50 chance of rain. With this information, Kayt informed me that we might have to put up a tent to shelter the guests. At first I was depressed to hear about the rain and the tent going up because I felt it would take away from the beauty of my wedding site. Kayt noticed the disappointment on my face and told me we could wait to the day of the wedding to decide. The morning of the wedding, Kayt told me there was a 30% chance of showers and gave me the pros and cons of the tent. I finally decided to use the tent and I am glad I did. It did not rain on my day but it was extremely hot. My guests appreciated the shelter I provided them from the sun. The tent did not take away from the look I had envisioned for my wedding day.

The morning of the wedding, Kayt arrived at the hotel with my bouquet and flowers for my bridal party to wear in their hair. She also checked to make sure everything was running smoothly. She also took the items that I would be wearing during the reception (2 nd dress, shoes, jewelry, garter, and undergarments). Kayt told me to make sure I ate something before the ceremony, because I would hate for my stomach to grumble during the ceremony. She also informed the guests of what time they should be ready and that they should only get into a mini bus with ACW logo.

My wedding in one word was SPECTACULAR! I had two cars for the ceremony; one to transport mother and myself and the other for my bridal party. When we arrived at the ceremony site the car with the girls left and Kayt told me to stay in my car and prepare for my grand entrance. The ceremony was at the Sea View Gardens. This venue overlooks the majestic island of St. Lucia . We had someone to blow the conch shell to signal the beginning of the wedding. This also signaled my onslaught of tears before I even reached the rose petal isle. At the end of the ceremony the guests had rose petals in a coconut shell that they threw to congratulate us.

When the ceremony was over and I dried most of my tears the guests were served champagne and the kids orange juice. A steel pan band group played while the pictures were being taken. The photographer (Mikael) and videographer were busy at work capturing all the days’ events for posterity. When the guests left the Sea View Gardens , Mikael took a few more shots during the sunset.

The reception was held at Piano Piano. When the guests arrived at this venue they were greeted with cocktails, a signature drink, and entertainment (fire eaters). The guests loved the cocktail hour outside Piano Piano and some of them participated in the cocktail hour festivities. When the groom and I arrived at Piano Piano we were greeted by Michelle (Kayt’s colleague) who made sure the reception ran smoothly until Kayt arrived.

The ambiance, service, food, and drinks at Piano Piano were out of this world. Everyone partied until the DJ announced that the night’s festivities had come to a close. The guests collected the goodies and cake that Kayt had put out for them by the exit. They bid myself and the groom final farewell and told us how much fun they had.

If someone is considering a wedding on the beautiful island of St. Lucia it behooves them to not just contact ACW but to hire them. I can honestly say that once you tell them your vision you will get that and much more. No one will ever regret leaving their special day in the hands of Kayt and her team. Kayt dealt with our wedding like she was planning her very own and for that we will always be eternally grateful.