Anya & Ian (Church)

FEATURED WEDDINGS Anya & Ian (Church Wedding)

Anya and Ian are from St Lucia and wanted to get married in the family church where they have always worshipped. It is a beautiful small church perched on top of a hill with wonderful views all around. The church is airy and breezy and has a real old world charm about it. It is run by an order of Benedictine nuns and they maintain both the church itself and the gardens to a high standard. The church is fairly small and this was a pretty big wedding with 240 people in attendance, but with extra seating there was room for everyone.

Anya has such grace and poise, her exterior persona is always calm and unruffled, but she is a strong business woman and knows her own mind. For me, her character was reflected in her chosen décor and colour theme. Her flowers were all white with lots of foliage, very soft and beautiful flowers – roses, lilies, baby’s breath – in classic styles and coupled with soft, flowing white fabrics to give a feminine and pretty vibe. This was paired with hints of vibrant red, including the bride’s shoes, and bridesmaids in the vivacious colours of precious gems – jade, sapphire, onyx, magenta, topaz, citrine, moonstone and grey pearl.

The ceremony was performed by the family Priest and it was both reverent and a down to earth, friendly and fun ceremony. The solo singer and organist lead the hymns and animated the ceremony so it flowed. The couple opted for a mass and communion for everyone.

After the ceremony it was time for more photos in the grounds of the church while the guests headed off to the cocktail hour at The Pink House, their chosen reception venue. While watching the sun sink slowly over the horizon, guests were treated to steel pan music and delicious canapés while sipping on rum punch. An accra (local fried fish fritters) station set up in the arrival area using our local clay coal pots for cooking, and included a choice of saltfish, crab, shrimp, and lambi accra with Creole, curry, and tartar dipping sauces.

This was not a formal, sit down dinner. Anya and Ian wanted a party vibe from the get go, so as soon as the steel pan finished the DJ took over. When the couple arrived they immediately went into their first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dances and opened up the dance floor for everyone to join in.

Food stations were set up in the main house as well as throughout the garden and outdoor spaces. Some tables were laid up for the older folk, but otherwise there were cocktail high tops scattered around plus casual eating areas to encourage guests to graze throughout the night. There was a Pasta Station: 3 choices of pasta plus creamy mushroom, pesto and Mediterranean sauces. A salad station with an assortment of green leaves, fresh cut salad vegetables, three different salad dressings and breads. The mini roti station featured homemade mini roti shells with the choice of chicken, vegetable or fish curries, accompanied by various local condiments.

The grill was the main event and featured kebabs made with lamb, chicken and beef, all served with peppercorn, mushroom and BBQ sauces. To go alongside this was the fish station which served a choice of rice, noodles and seaweed topped with shrimp pesto, Creole calamari and mussels in garlic and white wine sauce.

The dessert station was a Make Your Own Sundae bar and had a choice of nuts, fruits, chocolate, cookies etc, to top the delicious varieties of locally produced ice creams. The four-tier cake comprised 6″ lemon sponge, 8″ vanilla sponge, 10″ ginger cake and 14” chocolate cake, all beautifully decorated with white fondant, silver ribbon and fondant draping effect, timeless and elegant.

From Anya: “I just wanted to thank you again for helping Ian and myself to have such an amazing wedding. The time and effort that you put into it all made our day beautiful and unforgettable. I am actually already missing my update emails from you… haha. I know that while we were off enjoying it all, you were dealing with all the issues that arose so that we didn’t have to. It was because of you that we got the wedding of our dreams.”

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