DESIGN The Design Process

You have invited your closest family and friends to celebrate your love story against the backdrop of one of our stunning venues in Saint Lucia. Now, it’s onto the next step of envisioning your special day.

Our creative design process goes far beyond selecting from a variety of pre-designed options. Every couple desires a one-of-a-kind experience, and our exclusive wedding designer knows just how to deliver on that. Whether you desire a simple theme with a few personal details or an elaborate, custom designed creative concept, you let us know, and we will ensure to tailor our service to suit.

  • “The morning of the wedding the hair stylist and make-up artist arrived in the brides room at 11am. The mother of the groom had her hair done first, she even decided to get a haircut and she was delighted to oblige! Then my sister, the bridesmaid got her hair done, it was just beautiful. We had 3 orchids to put in her hair and it really set it off! Then it was my turn, she was really complementary about my hair and really did create a style that was suited to my face. We all had such a giggle in the room! Then my Mum got her hair done, and it looked amazing. In between the hair, the make-up was progressing and I can’t believe the attention to detail. What an artist! I wish I could have my make-up done like that every day!”
    Johanna, July 2012

We want to get to know you and determine your overall aesthetic vision. Through a brief chat ( in person, via telephone, or on Skype), we take the time to better understand who you are and how you want your guests to feel. We discuss your top 5 design priorities, ensuring to keep our most of your budget on the best of the experience.

If your browser history has at least one wedding inspirational photo, you’re on the right track! Our simple pin planing process allows us to share in a collection of inspirational photos, as we get to know what you like best.

Hand-drawn sketches, 3d renderings and other visual design techniques are used as we tailor each design detail to suit your couple personality.

If just imagining your design concept is not enough, we make it even easier as we arrange at-venue design experience,set up with prototypes and sample for your selection.

We present you with your personalised wedding day design board, detailing all your inclusions. If you wish to include your friends and family in the procsss, we would b happy to set-up a personal wedding website, where the entire team can reference your details and help you plan your special day.

A professional design team to execute your every design detail.

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