So much music to think about on your wedding day! From the piece that you select as you walk down the aisle to the very last dance of the day, you will want to get your wedding music spot on. Probably the single most important aspect of choosing your wedding music is that YOU have to enjoy what you choose. If you are happy and having fun, your guests will follow suit, be entertained and have a day to remember forever too.

We have a range of fabulous entertainment options available for you to create your perfect wedding ceremony and reception.

  • “The food was amazing, the DJ a blast and the fire eaters were out of this world, the atmosphere was electric and we just wish we could experience it all again, it was a day we never wanted to end!”
    Claire & Andrew, Private Beach

If you love the idea of live classical music but want a big performance to impress your guests, consider hiring a string ensemble – they really know how to make a lasting impression at a wedding celebration. Or perhaps a solo violinist or solo saxophonist is more your vibe for walking down the aisle. Recorded classical or popular music is very much in style for a wedding ceremony, and selecting songs that have a special meaning for the both of you and that will live in your hearts forever is a fun element to your wedding planning.

Or how about a more upbeat, island vibe? Having “Here comes the Bride” played by a steel pan band is something uniquely Caribbean and different. Steel pan music is generally lively, fun and energetic so it is a perfect way to entertain your guests during the cocktail hour too.

Entertainment is not just about music though. Whilst you and your beau are busy being the centre of attention and having photographs taken, the guests may need some entertainment to bridge the gap between “getting married” and “getting merry”. There’s a reason why hiring a photo booth for a wedding is so popular, because they are so much fun. Putting on props and taking hilarious photos is not just something that is fun in the moment, it also creates memories for your guests that will last a lifetime. Move away from the traditional guest books and choose something totally different. Why not have people write their messages and memories on the polaroids from the photo booth, which you then get to keep as your own unique guest book. Or a puzzle book, postcards and a postbox, date night tokens, jenga blocks, a fingerprint tree – the options for interactive and fun guest books are vast and varied.

Whether your ideal is to have a quiet, intimate dinner with just background music, or a full on celebratory party with your family and friends we can suggest entertainment that will fit the bill.

Hiring a DJ is one of the most popular and classic forms of wedding entertainment and we totally understand why. If there is one way to really get the party started at a wedding it’s an entertaining, engaging and lively DJ. Our DJ has a vast range and knowledge of international and Caribbean music that will keep you and your guests on the dance floor for hours. Does the idea of wedding karaoke appeal? We have all endured a bit of drunk karaoke and we’ve all loved every minute of it, so what better place to relive those memories than on your wedding day?

If DJs are not quite your style, why not opt for a live band? This kind of entertainment can totally transform your wedding reception into something really special, making it a really incredible evening for you and your guests.

Give your guests the shock of their lives by learning a full on dance routine for your first dance in front of everyone. Couples who are well known for having two pairs of left feet will be able to surprise everyone when it comes to debuting the result of many practice hours!

And let us not forget the energetic performances of the limbo dancers and fire eaters, this troupe will not only thrill your guests with their dancing skill and limbo dexterity, but also awe them with their display of fire eating and fire throwing. But don’t forget, this is interactive, so you and your guests will also get the chance to shimmy under the limbo pole and snuff out fire using no hands! A fantastic way to really get the party started.

Your Caribbean party will leave you and your guests indelible memories that will last a lifetime.

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