Evie & Danny (Waterfall)

FEATURED WEDDINGS Evie & Danny (Waterfall Wedding)

  • "We would love to share our experience with anyone planning on getting married in St Lucia.

    If you are planning on getting married in This precious land we promise you, you can Not go wrong, It is the most beautiful country with beautiful people. The main factor that made our wedding so perfect was our wedding planner, Michele from Awesome Caribbean Weddings.

    We got married in St Lucia on 1st November 2013. We decided on Cap Masion for our wedding reception and for the accommodation for all of our guests. We picked rural LaTille waterfall for our ceremony, which is where Michele made the impossible, Possible! We managed to fit all 124 guests down in the remote waterfall that would have initially been a squeeze to fit a handful of people. This was of course with a little magic and handy work from Sky the man who owns the land of LaTille. To briefly elaborate on Cap Maison, Our stay here was a truly magical experience and really did exceed all expectations! It was a perfect venue for a buy-out and well worth the investment. The memories created there we will treasure forever!

    To describe just how incredible Michele at Awesome Caribbean Weddings was is going to be difficult; her work is faultless! We highly recommend her services, we couldn't have wished for a better person to help plan our wedding and we couldn't have done it without her. Her constant support and hasty response to our many queries and tasks kept organising as stress free as possible. She is a perfectionist in every way, which is exactly what you need when planning your wedding day. Michele was trustworthy and honest which was vital when calculating quotes for a big event in a different country. Being a highly respected local business women, Michele has every contact on the island for any idea that you may have and at the best price. Michele will take your ideas no matter how crazy they are and make them a reality!

    In the words of Michele 'Your only limit is your imagination' and frankly our imagination showed no limits! We definitely tested Michele’s patience and skills but she executed the plans with perfection and ease. We can never thank her enough and we are forever grateful.

    We think about Michele loads and the impact she has made on our lives. It won't be long before we all plan to go back to St Lucia for a reunion.

    Until then.... One Love!

    Evie and Danny xxx"
    Evie & Danny, Waterfall Wedding
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