Getting Ready


It’s finally arrived, it’s the morning of your wedding and it’s time to get ready for your big day. You are surrounded by your bridesmaids and mom, everyone is in matching gowns or vests and a room service champagne brunch has been ordered. Or perhaps it’s just you on your own and after breakfast and a swim it’s time to start your wedding preparations.

Either way, our stylists will come to your room at your resort, or to your private villa, for your trial as well as on your wedding day to do your hair and makeup.


We have fabulous hairdressers!

Our hair stylists, Ann and Juli, have been working in the industry for many years and are trained and qualified overseas to international standards, so you are sure to be in good hands. They are very good and work easily with European, African American or Asian hair, long and short hair, updo’s or a looser more flowing look.

Bringing photos with you is a great idea and during the trial our hair stylist can see how well your hair works in that particular style, make suitable suggestions and try out different styles on you as needed. As part of the wedding preparation we also ask you to complete a short questionnaire for yourself, your bridesmaids, moms and flower girls to help prepare you better for your big day. If you don’t know what you want, then they will be able to advise you of what they think will suit you.


Our preferred makeup artiste Hannah is simply amazing! She will make you look like a more beautiful version of you, not like someone you do not recognize and have never seen before, a real skill. She studied Cosmetology in Barbados and Los Angeles, has worked as Makeup Artist and Product Specialist and assistant store Manager for MAC in St Lucia, and branched out on her own in 2012. Hannah’s clientele are now as diverse as she is dynamic, from weddings, music videos, and advertisements, to television personalities regionally and internationally. Hannah has honed her craft to the highest standard. With a keen eye for detail and a level headed understanding of the task at hand, be it social or commercial, Hannah does not disappoint.

Again, bringing photos with you is a great idea and during the trial she can see how well your chosen look suits your face shape and personality. For makeup too we ask you to complete a short questionnaire for yourself, your bridesmaids and moms to help Hannah prepare better for your skin tone and style.

  • “The morning of the wedding the hair stylist and make-up artist arrived in the brides room at 11am. The mother of the groom had her hair done first, she even decided to get a haircut and she was delighted to oblige! Then my sister, the bridesmaid got her hair done, it was just beautiful. We had 3 orchids to put in her hair and it really set it off! Then it was my turn, she was really complementary about my hair and really did create a style that was suited to my face. We all had such a giggle in the room! Then my Mum got her hair done, and it looked amazing. In between the hair, the make-up was progressing and I can’t believe the attention to detail. What an artist! I wish I could have my make-up done like that every day!”
    Johanna, July 2012
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