At Awesome Caribbean Weddings, each of the weddings that we organise is as unique as the couple tying the knot. We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service based on your specific needs, rather than persuading you to choose from a selection of preconfigured packages, and in keeping with this, we created this section of the website to share with you some of the jewellery designers that we have worked with, that share our ethos. Each of the brands below has their own distinctive style, and we feel confident that if you’re looking for bespoke, artisan jewellery, there’s a good chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for from one of these brands.

Fearless Jewellery is an online boutique that offers different categories of jewellery (rings, necklaces, earrings, cuffs, body jewellery…). Imagined under the sun and the splendours of Saint Lucia but born in Luxembourg, Fearless Jewellery offers designs for both men and women. Our designs are inspired by beauty and represent strength and audacity.

♦ From designing to manufacturing, each design is worked with meticulousness and precision in every detail. This creative concept brings together high-end, vintage and luxurious jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones. We also provide custom services so you can also design your dream jewellery with us. We offer jewellery in all precious metals: Platinum, 18k gold or rhodium plated sterling silver. A wide choice of jewels imagined and designed just for you.

For more information contact Eléanor directly at:
Mobile: +596 696 230 300

Anitanja Lawaetz is a St. Lucian designer who, with a team of artisans, creates sustainably produced limited edition pieces deeply rooted in the island’s natural splendour. From sensual cocoa pods to intricate Seafan motifs, these timeless works of art will evoke fond memories of the island for many years to come.

Call 1 (758) 724-5330 or use the button below to send an email to make an appointment with the designer herself.

Patricia Lee Cozier is a Saint Lucian Artist, Alchemist, Designer and mother of two amazing beings, Jade and Sienna.

Patricia Lee loves her island of Saint Lucia, also known as Fair Helen of the West Indies. Taken from the Greek Goddess Helen of Troy, indicative of the islands beauty and the many battles fought to win her over, she is indeed special. Patricia Lee spends most of her time communing with her elements, gaining inspiration, peace and wholeness from them.

Patricia Lee creates products out of her studio, for happy, healthy, healing, using resources that hold exceptional minerals, specially formulated oils, plant and energy infused elixirs and precious island treasures.

It is her honour to share with you, her healing energy and her island’s essence.

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