Ocean View Garden Wedding

Our Saint Lucia Ocean View Garden wedding venue is a favourite location. The lawns stretch from the ceremony area up to historical ruins and into the beautiful, peaceful park. Along the edge of the Ocean View Garden venue sits a line of palm trees that frame you during your ceremony. You have a magnificent view out across the sea towards Martinique as the backdrop to your special moment. The palms whisper as the wind blows gently through the fronds and the waves break against the rocky shore just below you – now that’s what a wedding location is all about!

In the north of the island, the Ocean View Garden is situated within a national park in Rodney Bay, the tourist hub of the north. The locality means that there is a wide selection of accommodation options for you and your guests to choose from, such as AirBnB apartments, water front condos, small hotels and large resorts plus gorgeous luxury villas. Sitting alongside all of these amazing choices you also have a wide and varied selection of restaurants, bars and nightlife plus numerous shopping outlets and two malls. Let’s not forget our beautiful golden sand beaches, scenic coastal trails plus tours and attractions set in naturally beautiful scenery.

The Ocean View Garden is a wide stretch of lawns framed by the ocean on one side, historical ruins on two sides and the expansive lawns of the national park on the remaining side, creating a variety of stunning backdrops for your wedding ceremony and/or reception. Always cool and breezy, this open air venue lends itself to a myriad of ceremony and reception décor options and groups of all sizes.

  • "We had plenty of private time with our photographer to get stunning sunset photos on the rocks in the ocean!"
    Dara & George, Ocean View Garden Wedding
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