Piton View Wedding

The famous twin Piton mountains offer what must be one of the most unique views in the world for your wedding. This popular and simply stunning ceremony venue is perched high on the side of a valley just outside the town of Soufriere on the South West coast of St. Lucia. Our Piton View ceremony area lawns overlook the Pitons on one side and the Caribbean Sea on another, making the views just incredible. Surrounded by lush green lawns and bright tropical flowers, the cooling breeze makes this site totally unforgettable.

The lawns are expansive and offer a more organic and natural ceremony area suitable for a couple, a small group or even larger groups of up to 150 people. Totally open-air, this venue is basically a blank canvas that lends itself to a wide variety of ceremony décor options and floral displays that complement the stunning backdrop.

Additionally, on the estate is The Pavilion, a purpose-built property designed to make the most of the view of the majestic twin Piton peaks and the cool breeze, perfect for a somewhat more formal wedding ceremony on the terrace or for a reception and party for up to 50 people. The ceremony area at the Pavilion is on the open-air verandah next to the infinity pool with, of course, the amazing views of the Pitons and Soufriere town framing you during your outdoor ceremony.

Combine the two venues for the ultimate wedding and reception for up to 50 people. Have your open-air ceremony on the lawns followed by a cocktail hour on the Pavilion verandah while the sun sets behind the mountains, perhaps while listening to the rhythmic tones of a steel pan band. Dine inside the majestic open plan dining space, where the jalousied wooden louvres offer cool comfort while dining, and finish the night on the verandah, a perfect space for dancing under the stars.

  • “We recently got married at the Wedding with a View venue with stunning views of the Pitons! My guests were awestruck by the beauty of the location and how exceptional every detail was.”
    Tessa & Aaron, Piton View Wedding
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