Private Beach Wedding

In St. Lucia, one of the most stunning Private Beach wedding venues awaits you. The beach is totally yours, to savour and enjoy for your perfectly awesome beach wedding. The Caribbean Sea laps gently on the shore, the palms sway in the cooling breeze and the sand is soft between your toes. The tropical sun shines down on you from clear blue skies and the turquoise water sparkles in the background as you exchange your special vows in paradise.

Situated in Rodney Bay in the north of the island, the Private Beach is close to an array of accommodation options; from AirBnB to condos to hotels and resorts to luxury villas. Rodney Bay is the tourist hub of the north, and offers a wide selection of restaurants, bars, nightlife and shopping as well as beautiful golden sand beaches, scenic coastal trails, tours and attractions and naturally beautiful scenery.

The Private Beach sits in a secluded cove on the west coast and is the only beach on the island that can be hired for absolute privacy. Just you, your witnesses, family and friends. No sunbathers or jet-skis in the background, just the sound of the ocean’s calm caress and the whispering of the leaves in the trees. This beach wedding venue is a perfect size for a couple or groups of 100 or more; it lends itself to intimacy for couples eloping as well as larger and more elaborate set ups. As a blank canvas, this venue can be dressed to suit your style, creativity and imagination. It is open-air but can be easily tented for shade and, whilst a perfect beach ceremony venue, it is also suitable for a beach reception and Caribbean party under the stars.

  • "Our intimate beach wedding with close friends and family was truly something out of a fairytale and something no one, especially us will ever forget."
    Danielle & Chris, Private Beach Wedding
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