Villa Susanna Wedding

We simply love Villa Susanna and for couples looking for a St. Lucia villa wedding in Marigot Bay, this property is second to none. Spacious and opulent, but also inviting and comfortable, this villa lends itself to an elegant and formal affair just as much as to a casual and fun party. Suitable for groups of up to 50 people, it is a perfect space to combine a wedding and reception in one.

Imagine waking up to a kaleidoscope of turquoise blues and greens, the colours of the Caribbean Sea from your suite, and then taking just a few steps to your balcony overlooking the deep gorge where the sound of the waves produces the music that rocked you to sleep – this is the magical backdrop for your wedding ceremony too.

Imagine descending a spiral staircase from the master suite to the main living area where each step down reveals different views of a magnificent tropical garden alive with a variety of plant life, a sanctuary for the many hummingbirds who begin their day by sipping nectar from the vibrantly coloured flowers – perfect for beautiful photos on your special day.

Perched on the edge of the cliff at the entrance to one of the most romantic and picturesque bays in St. Lucia, nestled within three acres of lush tropical gardens leading down to the water’s edge of the nearby sandy cove, this villa has been designed to perfectly fit the natural slopes and vegetation of the bay – the perfect space for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all in one beautiful venue.

Able to comfortably accommodate up to 14 people in 6 guest bedrooms and the master suite, the villa provides all possible luxury amenities and comforts to ensure the most enjoyable vacation. On your wedding day we transform it into a venue that perfectly matches your destination villa wedding vision, combining your style with Villa Susanna’s natural beauty and charm.

  • "We got married on June 2nd at Villa Susanna in Marigot Bay. Michele helped us pick the place and it was truly the most beautiful villa on the whole island. We didn’t want to get married in a hotel/resort as we preferred a more secluded and private ceremony, so Michele recommended renting out a villa and it was such a wonderful idea! Our family and friends stayed with us at the villa and we had the most amazing ceremony and reception overlooking the Caribbean sea."
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