Waterfall Wedding

Nothing beats having a scenic mountain waterfall as the backdrop for your small wedding. Waterfall weddings are unique when it comes to natural and organic beauty and simplicity.

A waterfall wedding is a perfect venue for an elopement or an intimate wedding ceremony, typically for up to around 20 people. Do you like to hike and enjoy the outdoors? Then think about getting married at a waterfall in Saint Lucia!

You and your guests will be delighted and amaze­d when you see this trop­i­cal par­adise com­plete with a cascad­ing water­fall and the lush tropical rainforest with its myriad of fauna, creating a naturally beautiful back­drop for your wed­ding. Your wed­ding will never be for­got­ten and your guests will thank you for treat­ing them to such unpar­al­leled beauty.

This wonderful waterfall location is in the South East of the island close to the southern airport. It is nestled in native rainforest and fed by rivers originating high up in the surrounding hills. Every aspect of the venue is designed to envelop the natural beauty and dramatic landscaping of the environment, with simple rustic wooden steps leading you through the trees and down to the base of waterfall itself.

This beautiful waterfall venue is certainly a location for adventurous souls and for those who want to really bring the stunning natural elements of our island to their wedding day. Totally open air and organic, surrounded on three sides by lush green hills, the pool is fed by natural springs and rivers that flow all year round.

Above the waterfall sits an unpretentious garden tended with gentle care by Sky, the property’s Rastafarian owner and caretaker, a perfect venue for additional photos surrounded by indigenous local flora and fauna.

  • "Hi Michele, it's Evie and Danny Montila. Just reminiscing about our wedding day on our 1st anniversary and wanted to say a massive thank you to you for making our wedding so special. We were very lucky to find you and to have your constant support! Your hard work exceeds words! You made our wedding day truly Magical! We are forever grateful for that. We think about you loads and the impact you've made on our lives. It won't be long before we all plan to come back again. Thanks again, One loveEvie and Danny xxx"
    Evie & Danny, Waterfall Wedding
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