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My husband and I couldn’t be happier that we planned our wedding with Awesome Caribbean Weddings. Words can’t begin to describe how beautiful and perfect our wedding was and the credit is all due to our amazingly creative and hard-working perfectionist planner Michele! She exceeded our vision insurmountably and our guests raved about how our wedding was the best that they had ever been to!! When we first began planning our destination wedding, we received many hotel pamphlets that allowed couples to just check the box in a 10-minute choose your own adventure format. We felt this was impersonal and wouldn’t be unique to us, but would just be a standard canned wedding in front of a resort full of people. We wanted to customize a memorable day and we wanted privacy for the emotional, intimate moments.

From the time that we landed in St. Lucia in October 2013 for our pre-wedding planning trip, Michele exuded warmth, was extremely knowledgeable and connected to the fabric of the community and had lots of ideas and options for us. She spent an entire day taking us to ceremony and reception locations. She even explored a venue location we found online and spent 40 min driving there with us to meet with the owner. She also brought us to the florist to look at local flowers and introduced us to the photographer, officiant and DJ. Throughout the day she took very detailed notes on our likes and dislikes, variegated flowers, for example. We felt so comfortable with Michele and were so thrilled with what we saw that we signed the contract that very day.

Over the next eight months, Michele was a dream to work with. We must have exchanged no less than 100 emails, of which she was very responsive and quick to follow-up on all questions. Throughout the process she recommended vendors for table runners, provided websites to put together music playlists and she went above and beyond in doing things like sourcing peonies to import for the bridal bouquet. Michele gave lots of visual options, tailored bits and pieces of what we liked from different pictures and always let us know what to expect next on decisions to be made.

When we arrived in St. Lucia in June 2014, we were calm and knew that everything was handled. On our first day on the island, Michele drove to our resort and spent several hours with us reviewing the wedding day game plan, signing marriage documents, providing last minute fabric color choices for our canopy and dropping off guest welcome bag items. It was a local holiday, but she made our wedding a priority.

The day of the wedding was more than we could’ve imagined. Our ceremony was on a private beach at Pigeon Island. It was such a serene and intimate setting and was breath-taking how Michele had set it up. The vibrancy of the flowers and fabrics were gorgeous and she had laid out the fans and parisols we had provided for guests in a lovely design. The sand ceremony was expertly orchestrated and the champagne toast after was a fun way to celebrate. Michele even helped us execute a few meaningful details such as honoring our deceased fathers with a message in a bottle in the ocean.

We had plenty of private time with our photographer Dani to get stunning sunset photos on rocks in the ocean! When we arrived at the cocktail hour round the pool at Cotton Bay, we were delighted to hear that our guests were having the time of their life requesting songs with the steel pan drum band and enjoying local Caribbean canapes and cocktails. We then entered our reception at 1461 Beach Club surrounded in bubbles blown by our guests. As we sat down at our table, we were in awe of how absolutely amazing the room looked. The tables were gorgeously arranged with the purple table runners, starfish candles, name cards, menus and orchids wrapped delicately in napkins. Around the room the cake was decorated in flowers, the paper lanterns hung from the ceiling and the receiving table decorated with our guest book and family name sign.

We were blown away with how the vision came to life. Frederic’s menu received so many compliments and we were just so happy that he was so willing to work with us in building a 3-course menu that was divine. He even helped us do a late-night ice cream sundae bar in the tropical heat. After dinner our guests surrounded us for our first dance with sparklers. We then surprised our guests with a performance by the fire-eating limbo dance troupe. They got us all into the limbo, which was a riot to watch. For the balance of the night, Martin cleverly spun seamlessly from one song to the next. Our guests did not leave the dance floor all night and some friends even danced directly in the ocean, which was just steps from the dance floor! We can’t even begin to say thank you for what was one of the most important and meaningful days of our life. We cried during vows, kissed and laughed all day and had a blast dancing into the night. It was everything and more than we could’ve asked for.

Thank you for starting our marriage with love and wonder! We can’t wait to come back to St. Lucia for a future anniversary!



Dara & George