When only extraordinary will do... talk to Awesome Caribbean Weddings!

At Awesome Caribbean Weddings we know exactly what you are going through. You have decided on a destination wedding, and suddenly… there are a million & one things to think about and organise!

Well, you have come to the right people to help you plan your dream wedding day!

We have been organising Caribbean Weddings in Saint Lucia since 1999 and we LOVE it! We are the most experienced, reliable and creative wedding planning company on the island, offering a bespoke service and the widest variety of breathtaking venues and contemporary designs here in Saint Lucia. We offer outstanding value for money, continual attention to you and the details of your wedding throughout the whole planning process for your special day.

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Plan Your Wedding with 3 Easy Steps

Guiding you in a way that makes you feel most at ease, our 3-step planning process ensures that no detail is left untouched. As you explore each step, our wedding planners are right there to guide you as you select from the best options for your awesome day.

  • Discover: Explore the beautiful island of Saint Lucia and let her inspire you to select your perfect destination wedding venue
  • Design: Together, we can create an unforgettable experience that truly embraces the beauty of your love story
  • Detail: Our experienced wedding planners will assist you with personalising every aspect of your dream wedding, down to the very last detail

Learn More What We Do

First of all let’s start with what we don’t do! We believe that every couple is unique, therefore we do NOT offer packages as the resorts do. Instead we create and personalise your day so that it expresses your wishes and personalities. As a result your personal planner at Awesome Caribbean Weddings will arrange everything with creativity and flair, according to your specific requirements.

Our extended services include recommending and helping with accommodation; restaurants and activities for welcome events, rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches; transportation and vehicle hire; even tours and spa treatments for everyone. We have the contacts, imagination and local Caribbean knowledge, consequently enabling us to coordinate the most fantastic time of your life.

Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for your unique wedding, reception and honeymoon. This lush tropical island has the best the Caribbean has to offer with some of the most stunning ceremony venues in the world.

Don’t just take our word for it either! Check out our recent Featured Weddings and be sure to read our Wedding Testimonials to see what our past couples have had to say about their Awesome Caribbean Weddings!

For a no-obligation, personalised wedding programme just fill out our simple online form. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can begin to plan your AWESOME Caribbean Wedding with you!

Praise for Awesome Caribbean Weddings Couples' Testimonials

  • I used Awesome Caribbean Weddings as my planners for my wedding in October 2016. The service was exceptional. Kayt and Fenella were fantastic... [More]
    Kathryn & Frederic, January 2018
  • Michele, our wedding was the absolute most fun, most special, and all around most fantastic day of our lives, and we know it is all thanks to YOU and the rest of the amazing Awesome Caribbean Weddings team... [More]
    Rachel & Craig, February 2018
  • I have a high stress perfectionist personality and I would completely recommended Awesome Caribbean Weddings in a heartbeat... the outcome was beautiful... [More]
    HaeYoung & Scott, March 2018

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